Hello blog world,

This blog is dedicated to documenting the travels, triumphs and trivial tid-bits of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots Fellows. David Chase and Shawn Sweeney, youth leadership fellow and graduate fellow respectively, are two of the youngest members of the Jane Goodall Institute’s staff and work around the clock (often literally) to bring a youth voice to an international organization whose arm reaches into 100 countries.

I am David Chase. Originally from Cape Cod Massachusetts, I enjoy a good slice of pizza, a good song and a good pair of birks. But only if the slice does not have meat on it, the song does not belong to the rap or classical genre, and the birks are worn year round despite any amount of snow. I graduated the Sturgis Charter Public School with a full IB diploma and I will attend St Mary’s College of Maryland after this year long fellowship.

I first got involved with Roots & Shoots in my middle school, which was oddly located between a Chinese restaurant and a hair salon in an underground strip mall. I carried on through high school and I was a founding member of the New England Youth Leadership Council. Basically making eight years of Roots & Shoots experience, including two international trips, six summits and two retreats.

I am the second youth leadership fellow, following Chase Pickering (which means I will respond to David, Chase, David Chase Pickering or Chase2). The Youth Leadership Fellow position was created to bring a youth voice to the Roots & Shoots staff. The fellowship is the ultimate form of youth empowerment. As the Youth Leadership Fellow, I am also responsible for overseeing our national campaigns and our Youth Leadership Initiative.

The second member of our dynamic duo is Shawn Sweeney. Shawn enjoys too many TV shows, music that I don’t and blended salads (with orange juice). On a serious note, Shawn has a passion for primates, a degree in psychology from College of Wooster and a skill for graphic design that never ceases to amaze.

Shawn started a Roots & Shoots group at his college and joined the College Leadership Council. He has since become a leader among leaders. Shawn is the first Graduate Fellow and is responsible for not only bringing a youth voice to the staff but also helping to support our college and university groups around the country.

So, welcome to the fellow blog and check it out often to hear about our travels! We are currently in New York City and we will fly out to Los Angles tomorrow morning, we will put up our travel schedule shortly.

For more information on Roots & Shoots go to www.rootsandshoots.org

For more information on the Jane Goodall Institute go to www.janegoodall.org



2 Responses

  1. Hey Thundercats,
    How’s L.A.???
    You guys are doing a great job,
    and we miss you!

  2. Shawn and David – you were absolutely stellar in CA. Thanks for all the support expanding our outreach in the West. Look forward having you back and building our groups and programs. Karen Oxrider, Regional Director, CA

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