Roots & Shoots Day of Peace – Los Angeles, California

After our adventure with International Day Of Peace David and I traveled to Los Angeles to join Dr. Jane for the Roots & Shoots Day of Peace at Griffith Park on Sunday 23 September 2007. The celebration was a huge festival including hundreds and hundreds of people who came together to promote world harmony and understanding. It is important to note that the day calls for peace between all nations and people and is not an anti-war rally.

Shawn Speaks at Peaceday

For us the day started with many volunteers arriving at the park before the sun had even peaked the horizon. In the dark the volunteers worked hard to set up tents and tables, post banners and signs, and finish up the final details of months of hard work and planning. Later in the morning we were joined by more than 15 very active Roots & Shoots group from Southern California. Each group was assigned a table and was asked to bring information and pictures to display and show-off all of their hard work. It was so inspiring to see everything that they are doing and how much energy and activity is going on there.

For instance a group from Rancho San Diego has been working for the past five years to plant some 800 trees, which are native to southern California. The trees are vital for the ecosystem as they do not require much water and are virtually sun resistant. The group has been measuring the growth of the trees and their impact on the ecosystem.

Also joining us were several local organizations from Save Darfur to a local exotic animal sanctuary. All of these organizations brought with them materials and volunteers to help link Roots & Shoots members with ideas for ways they can get involved in their area.

There were a number of fantastic musicians on hand to entertain and help promote world harmony. From a middle school jazz group to a rock n’ roll band, Roots & Shoots covered the spectrum taking its holistic view into it’s choice of music.

The climax of the day came when Dr. Jane led a parade of 45 giant peace dove from the top of a hill down through the crowd. The giant peace doves, made of entirely recycled materials, flapped in the wind while being carried by Roots & Shoots members from all over California. Following the parade was a truly inspiring talk from Dr. Jane, ending with a call to action.

Dr. Jane walks with the Peacedoves

Many area Roots & Shoots volunteers worked together over many months to plan this day. A great deal of work went into making this day a success and so we say kudos to all of you who helped and we hope to see you there next year!


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