the Jane Goodall Institute’s 30th Anniversary Galas

Over the last year the Jane Goodall Institute has been celebrating its 30 year anniversary. The year’s celebrations culminated with two wonderful galas, one on 28 September at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California and the other on 10 October at the Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C. Both of the galas were green events featuring an organic and locally vegetarian menu. These two events also inaugurated the Jane Goodall Institute’s Global Leadership awards. Our very own Chase Pickering was one of the recipients for Youth Leadership. Way to go Chase!

Dr. Jane and the Fellows at the Los Angeles, Gala: From left to right: Shawn Sweeney, Dr. Jane Goodall, David Chase.

Jeff Corwin and the Youth Leaders at the Washington gala. From left to right: Chase Pickering, Shawn Sweeney, David Chase, Mitch Paine, Jeff Corwin, Chelsea Gross.


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  1. this blog is great! you two are really quite an amazing team. keep up the awesome work. it’s really something to see all this take off in so many wonderful ways. holla at me if ya need anything. -chase pickering

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