Celebrate World Vegan Day!

On November 1, 2007 we will be celebrating World Vegan Day! Actually throughout the last week of October (27 Oct – 1 Nov ’07) people and animals alike all around the world will be celebrating vegan lifestyles.

I myself am an aspiring vegan, meaning that I try as hard as I can to eliminate animal products from my life. It’s not always easy, definitely an adventure and a journey. I have met a lot of people (and animals!) that have been great inspiration and guides for me along the way.


One of my animal inspirations: Rudie the pig. Rudie is a resident at Farm Sanctuary near Ithaca, NY.

If you are interested in becoming a vegan or are a little skeptical I highly recommend reading a little about veganism and how you can begin your own journey. I have included many links below that could help you begin. Dr. Jane herself writes about her journey towards mindful and compassionate eating in her recent book Harvest for Hope: A guide to mindful eating. I also learned a lot from reading the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Like I said, it is definitely a journey, however a worthwhile one. I have enjoyed increased energy and just a general better feeling of wellbeing.

Should you choose to become vegan you can know that you are not only showing care and concern for animals, but also the environment! The livestock industry draws a great deal of resources from water to fuel, and much of the time these practices are not sustainable. With the organic movement (and people like you) however things are starting to change, and more humane and sustainable practices are coming as a result of a great deal of grassroots pushes from people all over the world. It’s become my own personal Roots & Shoots project! Maybe it can be yours too!


Harvest for Hope on Amazon.com

Veg for life: A Farm Sanctuary Campaign

Vegan Action: For animals, for the planet, for our health

the all knowing Wikipedia on Veganism


2 Responses

  1. I know that I cannot go all the way to Vegan but I am a Vegetarian. If you cannot quite cut out those tasty egg and cheese omelets you can still have an impact by not eating meat. You can get a free vegetarian starter guide from http://www.tryveg.com/cfi/toc/. Go VEGGIES!

  2. Rudie is gorgeous! I’m also aspiring to veganism, might have to have a look at those books you recommend.

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