A True Dog Day Afternoon

Ten minutes ago, I had a conversation that I have feared having for the past several months. In fact, I have feared having that conversation since I took this fellowship with the Jane Goodall Institute. Once I knew I was going to spend a year in Washington DC before moving on to college in Maryland I knew that I would one day have to have a conversation with one of my parents in which they would inform me that my dog was no longer with us.

The love of my life

Her name was Gracie.

And I loved her.

It is not easy to write about the death of your best friend of 10 years but I want to take the opportunity to make a point. We have all seen the headlines of the Falcon’s ex-quarterback Micheal Vick and the horrendous things he put dogs through. And there are few people who do not feel a little queasy about it

And how could they not? Anyone who has had a dog knows how special the bond is with that animal. How much they love and cared for that animal. How much they trusted the creature that they would, in all honesty, call their best friend.

We love our pets.

I want to pose a question though, if we love dogs and we love cats and birds and hamsters and hedgehogs and horses, why don’t we love cows, pigs and chickens. What makes them different? Because they taste good on the grill?

For a long time I laughed at vegetarians, claiming I love burgers and sausages to much. But last year I found out that the meat industry was the leading cause of global warming, so I stopped eating meat. However, I still did not really understand the people who did not eat meat because they felt for the cows, I mean it is a cow, right?

It took the lost of the one animal that I loved more then most humans for me to really understand that.

I am not asking you to not eat meat. Just think about. And think about that one animal that you love.

Rest in peace, Gracie. I am sorry I was not there but I love you more then you know.


2 Responses

  1. That was beautiful Dave. So was Gracie. She brought such warmth and comfort to our lives and I know that we brought the same to her. Love. Dad

  2. I too,just had to put my beloved dog, Emmber to rest after 15 and a half beautifully,trustworthy years a dog could give to her owner.I took her everywhere with me;even to work, where I work as a dentist. She would lay right next to my chair underneath my desk drawers for hours. She came with me up until her last day,never complaining; but I knew it wasn’t comfortable for her to walk and get up anymore. When she didn’t want to get up to eat and drink anymore I knew it was her way of saying she’s had enough. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… I’ll never forget my little girl who brought me so much love and happiness.

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