Championship Food for Championship Football

It is my favorite time of the year, playoff time!

This Sunday Philip Rivers (who is a punk) and the San Diego Chargers (who are going to lose) face off against Tom Brady (who is the man) and my beloved New England Patriots (who are going to win their 18th straight game) in the AFC Championship. Following that slaughtering, Bret Farve and the Green Bay Packers face off against, Eli Manning (whose brother is a choker, I know you have not heard that one in a while have ya?) and the New York Gaints in the NFC Championship.

Does it get much better then this? Two low seeds who are heavy underdogs going up against two quarterbacks who are beloved by everyone who does not root for their rivals and who are having the seasons of their lives. Only two teams will survive to play a few weeks from now for the coveted Lambardi Trophy, a pile of rings and a year of gloating rights (unless you lose in the divisional round against a team you should have crushed and thus proving you are in fact a choker and last year was a fluke… *cough* Manningandthecolts *cough*)

The point is, that for anyone who knows what the term “false start” means or who can name more than the top three players on their favorite team has to be excited (unless your Payton Manning or Tony Romo).

With such excitement in the air, with so much at stake and with several hours of pre-game before seven hours of the best football there is, there is only one thing to do, throw a party. Or if you just so happen to be one of the few lucky thousand who will be in Foxboro or at Lambeau Field, a tailgate party.

If you are at Lambeau Field or will be rooting for the Green Bay Packers, what better way to support your team than by packing some green food. Not moldy food, but food that is good for the environment.

I know I am already planning the feast I will lay out as the talking head try to predict the games and I am going all vegetarian and even local grown (well mostly local grown). And before you say that veggies and football do not mix, I just want to point out that the great Joe Namath is a vegetarian (you know, “we did it, we did it”). Even Ricky “the orc” Williams is a vegetarian (okay, bad example).

Either way, consider the menu below when you are heading out to buy your celebration/comfort food (I would suggest vegan, but I do not think the Cheese Heads would approve). I am sure my mom the cater could come up with better names (and better food for that matter) but I opted for the simpleton version.


(served while the talking heads talk)

Bruschetta and Mozzarella on toasted French bread slices

Spicy Bean Salsa served with tortilla chips


(Patriots vs San Diego)

Sweet Potato Burritos


End of the Third Quarter

(Patriots vs San Diego)

Cheese Filled Triangles

Hummus served with baked pita bread


Note: This is where you will pop the bubbly to celebrate the Patriots crushing San Diego


End of the First Quarter

(Packers vs New York)

Pizza (small)

Spinach Dip served with crackers



(Packers vs New York)

Vegetarian Chili


End of NFC Championships

(While the talking heads lament over their poor foresight)

Pumpkin pie


Be sure to check back before the Superbowl for a new menu 🙂


David Chase, Youth Leadership Fellow, the Jane Goodall Institutes’s Roots & Shoots Program



2 Responses

  1. Ricky “the ork” William is a vegetarian? Wow. Who knew! Dad

  2. Great blog!!!
    allways enjoy reading

    thanx for the time and effort

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