Mindful Parking Jobs

Last week during my recent trip to our home office in Arlington, David and I were parking his car prior to heading in to the office one morning. As we were pulling in to the parking garage we observed the most absurd thing. Please see photo below to see what I am talking about.


Can you notice anything absurd in this photo?

Right, you got it. A behemoth of a vehicle (model name left anonymous) was parked in not just one, but TWO parking spaces. Not only that, but the space was in close proximity to the elevator and doors to the building.

Now, I hear a lot of debate all the time about people’s opinions regarding these cars. We do know they use a lot of gas, and are very expensive. Whatever your opinion, I think we can all agree that such a parking job is neither nice nor curteous to others who may need a parking spot close to the building entrance.

I wouldn’t normally write a post like this here, but this was the second instance during my trip to DC where we noticed that people were really parking in places that were not so courteous to others. So I guess what I am asking with this post, is that everyone be a little more mindful of their parking jobs and how taking up two spaces might really inconvenience someone else.  If people are going to choose to bring one of these cars into a space where the parking spaces are small,  maybe they could  park  somewhere a little removed, or out of the center of things, so that others, who might need a closer space more, can utilize both spaces, instead of just the one.


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