A Green Superbowl

For any die hard football fan, the Superbowl represents the ultimate stage, the final battle and the place where dreams become reality or die. As a Patriots fan, my dream of an undefeated season leading to a fourth world championship in seven years  and a claim to being the undisputed best team of all time die yesterday as Eli Manning and the Gaints played their hearts out and Tom Brady and my beloved Pats could not answer.

Fortunately,  the day was not a total loss as the Superbowl was a pretty “green” event. Not as in the field was extra green, although I am sure it was, but the event was carbon neutral and the NFL (National Football League) took a number of steps to green the event.

The biggest step that the NFL and the Superbowl planning committee took to green the Superbowl this year was planting 1000 trees  to help reforest 42 acres of land that was cleared by the Rodeo Chediski Fire. The trees will, over the span of their lives, offset the carbon produced by the event. For those who are wondering, I do think that includes the carbon produced by the travel that had to take place to get everyone to the event.

A number of other steps were taken including measures to recycle as many bottles and cans as possible as well as donating any left over materials (from building stages etc…).

For whatever reason, these steps were not widely publicized. One step that was widely publicized was the “AMP energy drink generator trainer ride.”

AMP got together 42 bikers, who were powered by AMP (a high caffeine energy drink), and over the course of 12 hours the bikers, on stand still bikes attached to generators, biked up enough energy to power 30 minutes of the Fox pre-game show. Perhaps not quite as green as 1000 trees, but certainly it is the thought that counts.

Another interesting fact is that the NFL has been working on greening football for the past 14 years since Jack Groth, environment program director, was brought on board in the early 90’s.

Even though the game last night did not go the way I was hoping, it is good to know that it was held with at least some eye towards the future of our planet.


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  1. Hi Dave,
    I enjoyed reading your entry on Greening the Superbowl! It’s a shame that the NFL’s efforts weren’t widely publicized and I’m so glad that you updated us. I’m forwarding your blog link to my relatives who are all rabid Giants fans in response to their celebratory taunts. We all win, when the environment wins, right?

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