Youth Leadership Retreat

Sorry for the lack of activity but Shawn and I spend all of last week working on the annual Youth Leadership Retreat, which started last Friday and ended yesterday.

I think it is safe to say, it was a great weekend!

We still need to go through the evaluations but everyone seemed happy and we got a lot accomplished.

Here is the summery of the weekend from my perspective

Funniest moment: The tennis ball game

Deepest moment: Why R&S is the best by Emily (I do not think there was a dry eye in the house)

Most Exciting Moment: Dance Dance Revolution (Ya’ll know Chelsea and I broke it down)

Saddest Moment: Saying good bye

Happiest Moment: For moi, the standing O everyone gave Shawn and I

Best expression: (I think she was trying to figure out what the other group was doing with the tennis ball, love ya Elan!)

Elans Expression

For more pictures from the weekend, visit and look under the Roots & Shoots collection and then look in the Youth Leadership Retreat album. For those who attended, look for an email about how we will be disbursing all of the pictures (I have to decide on the best method).

Also, check out the slideshow shown the last night on YouTube:


One Response

  1. WOW! Good job Shawn and Dave! You guys are pro! It looks like it was an awesome weekend, made me quite homesick. I am so proud of you guys and at the same time extremely thankful. Thank you for being the servant leaders that you are. Keep up the important work of inspiring the next generation of leaders.

    Many hugs!

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