Above is a picture of a Lifestraw. These nifty little devices filter 700 liters of water (about how much water a typical adult would drink the course of a year) over the course of it’s life. The device allows anyone to obtain save drinking water from any source of water.

Sadly, the WHO estimates that 1.8 million people die each year from waterborne diarrheal diseases. Lifestraws filter 99.9% of the bacteria that causes more diarrheal diseases.

I first heard about these while I was traveling in California last fall. They are such a great invention! The best part is they only cost $4.50. Think about how much you spend each year on the water you drink. Even you ‘just tap it,’ your still paying a water bill. For $4.50 a year you can drink any water you find.

We are planning on using them in our next youth campaign. We hope to sell stainless steel water bottles and for every bottle sold we will send a Lifestraw to a Roots & Shoots group in Uganda.


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