Viral Marketing

Roots & Shoots is a grass roots organization. We were founded by 16 Tanzanian students and Dr. Jane Goodall. It was a while until we had a corporate office and a communications department and communications strategy. So for a while, Roots & Shoots spread two ways, either by Dr. Jane Goodall or simply by people who were a part of the program passing it on to friends and family.

While simple word of mouth is great and has been very effective for a number of organizations, including Roots & Shoots, it is a thing of the past–not the concept, just the traditional means by which it is accomplished.

The name is gone too. What was word of mouth, is now ‘viral marketing’ and anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can take part.

In fact, most young people are already apart. Viral marketing takes place when you log into Facebook and in your feed you see that your friend just bought the new Ipod touch. As a result, you either buy it or you change your status to “is jealous of Jake’s Ipod touch.” If you don’t buy it but pass it on, it is likely that someone is going to buy it because they heard of it from one of their friends who heard it from one of their friends who heard it from you, who of course heard it from one of your friends.

The tools of the trade?

Myspace, Facebook, YouTube,, Digg,com, Stumble, Photobucket, WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, Discussion Boards, Instant Messengers… really anything that allows people to communicate with a lot of people from the comfort of their desk, couch or bed.

Roots & Shoots is working on it’s viral marketing strategy but if you are reading this, you have already been touched by it!

Check out some of the other tools of the Roots & Shoots viral marketing strategy:

Dr. Jane’s Myspace

Roots & Shoots Myspace

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Facebook page

The ReBirth the Earth: Trees for Tomorrow Facebook Cause

the Jane Goodall Institute’s Facebook page

Roots & Shoots YouTube Channel

And of course the Fellow Blog!


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  1. Viral Marketing is explicit in that in that leans on what we like to do naturally … talk about stuff we like.

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