Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit


You might have noticed the recent lull in activity on the blog. The reason for the lull is Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit. The entire Roots & Shoots staff is working 24/7 (almost literally) to finish up preparations for the summit, which kicks off in just about a week on the 19th.

This summit is really exciting! With 100 participants coming from 28 different countries, the summit represents a step towards a truly global network of young people working together to change the world.

The summit will feature numerous speakers who are experts in their given fields along with many workshops focused on giving participants the skills they need to lead the next generation. Perhaps most exciting, each participant will leave the summit with concrete actions that they will implement when they return home.

Some other unique features of the summit will include:

  • Dr. Jane Goodall, of course.
  • Disney World, our host for the summit.
  • N.A.P Time, New Action Potential Time- this will be a chance for youth participants to lead discussions or given workshops.
  • Youth Master of Ceremonies, yours truly and Shawn Sweeney will be MCing the event and each speaker will be introduced by a youth participant to minimize the amount of time that adults are leading the summit.
  • Pearson Foundation’s Digital Arts Workshop, The Pearson Foundation will be equipping participants with the skills they need to record, direct, edit and produce hip and eye catching PSAs.
  • And much much more…

And guess what? You can hear about every workshop, every speaker and every discussion right here! Shawn and I will be blogging throughout the event in our special Fellow Blog: Live from the Summit Edition! So get your RSS feed ready, tell a friend and be sure to stay tuned from the 19th to the 25th for Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit!


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