“Dr. Jane’s lecture gave me hope”

Here is how April 20th went! Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time and really connected with each other.

Native American Blessing (below)

Keynote Address from Dr. Jane

“[Jane’s] words helped me to find the way and her experiences give me hope”

Keynote Address from Dan Goodman, Bio Diesel University

N.A.P Time (New Action Potential Time), also know as youth led discussions*


“The conversation was so engaging with all of the people involved, hearing each others stories and backgrounds. No adults were allowed, which allowed for discussion that would have never taken place any other way.

“It was so inspiring to hear from about each issue from so many different cultures”

“[During NAP time] we agreed that we have the obligation to stop the cycle that is going”

Discovering Your Leadership Compass

“I lack the words to describe Maureen Roche (leader of the activity). She made it possible for me to realize my strengths and weaknesses of my leadership and personality.”

Dave’s Point of View

I personally have never seen such an amazing group of young people. Although the workshops and discussions have been great, what I find to be most inspiring are the conversations that take place during the breaks, while they are making friends. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next few days and, more importantly, what happens when they all go back to their communities, I think that these 100 youth are set up to truly change our world!

*NAP Time stands for New Action Potential Time. This is a chance for participants to suggest topics and for youth to facilitate discussions about those discussions.


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  1. What is the age range of the youth at the summit?

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