Pearson Digital Arts Workshops

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the Global Youth Summit, other then getting 100 young people from around the world together, was The Pearson Foundation‘s Digital Workshops.

Dave's group working on their PSA

Over the course of the summit, the participants broke up into teams of three to five to create PSAs, or public service announcements. These PSAs ran from 30 seconds to one minute and were about one of three issues, wildlife conservation, water or poverty.

As someone who loves film making, I was so excited about these workshops but I was also a little worried because I know how long it takes to plan, shoot, edit and produce a good looking video clip. However, Pearson did an unbelievable job. Over just six hours (broke up over three days), the Pearson staff facilitated 100 youth making about 25 videos.

Pearson staff showing participants how to edit a video

And I am not talking about little clips that looked like they were shot on handy cams and edited with iMovie, I am talking about TV ready PSAs professionally edited.

The most exciting part was watching the PSAs at the end of the summit. They were really good!

I never had a doubt that given unlimited time and money that the summit participants could produce some incredible PSAs. However, these 100 youth only had two hours to plan their shoot. Then each group had 20 minutes in front of the camera. The trick was that they could not bring the camera anywhere, the PSAs had to be just the participants and whatever props they could carry in, all in front of a white screen.

Each PSA directed views to a specific action, whether it was to visit a website or plant a tree or just think about their choices. Perhaps more importantly, each PSA inspired viewers to act. I actually got chills down my spine watching the PSAs.

Check back soon for the PSAs themselves!