Very little sleep…especially during N.A.P. Time

As we all gathered at Walt Disney World our schedule was jam packed. We were so excited to have the opportunity to gather with young people from around the world that we had to get as much done as possible. One of the most exciting things that we did was have N.A.P. Time. Not nap time, but N.A.P. Time.

N.A.P. = New Action Potential

In preparation for the summit we left a few hours during our first few days completely blank. Completely open for the participants to decide what we would be doing. On their Day 1 evaluation each of the participants noted topics they would like to discuss. From the list of topics David and I put together a schedule of eight workshops over the course of two hours. Four in the first hour, and four in the second hour. These sessions were largely unplanned and lacked format. That was left to the participants to take care of. Below is a list of the topics they chose.

Global summit participants discussion the issues facing our planet

Day #1 Topics

  • Conflict/Violence/Peace
  • Water Issues
  • Project Sharing Time
  • The Triumphs and Pitfalls of Using Technology
  • Endangered Species
  • Environmental Issues
  • Engaging your Community
  • and one more I can’t remember but it doesn’t matter because…

…when we got to the end of the first session all of the participants said they needed more time for the first session! So we decided to push our topics to the next day, and allow everyone another hour to continue their discussions!

So the next day we had another session of N.A.P. time where we discussed:

  • Conflict/Violence/Peace II
  • Endangered Species
  • Development of Youth Purpose
  • Speed Issues (like speed dating, but instead of talking about relationships, you talk about issues!)

Again these discussions were incredibly rewarding for the groups and everyone noted in their evaluations that they really appreciated having this time to talk about what was really important to them.

global summit participants in discussion

Probably the most exciting thing about these meetings was that two Global Youth Councils have formed from the participants based on two of the sessions. The first is Global Youth Council for Wildlife Conservation which seeks to protect wild animals and conserve their habitat’s. The second is World Youth for Peace which is a group for youth all around the world to learn from each other about the conflicts we face and help each other work for peace. We are so excited that these groups have formed, and that it was N.A.P. time where the ideas were born!