Sometimes, you just need to dance

Saving the world is not easy. In fact, it is a lot of work. And sometimes, you just need to let go, have some fun and dance.

GYS Participants Dancing

And that is exactly what participants at Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit did! After a few days of presentations, many discussions and a few too many hours indoors, a western themed vegetarian baroque was just what we needed.

The evening was hosted by Whirlpool, who have been a terrific sponsor of the Roots & Shoots program and one of the sponsor’s of the first Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit.

After enjoying a delicious vegetarian baroque, complete with chili, baked beans and baked potatoes, 100 youth from all around the world jumped on the dance floor for a little line dancing. Under the leadership of Cowboy Kip Sweeney (no relation to Shawn Sweeney!), we learned three different dances. Throw in a few y’alls and by the end of the night, youth from places like Sweden, Australia, Nigeria and China would have fit in just perfectly in any country-western dance hall or saloon throughout the Mid-Western United States.

After quite a bit of dancing, the group moved down to a a little lake where a number of camp fires where set up. The participants got a chance to chat with Dr. Jane while sipping hot chocolate and watching a crackling fire.

Fireside Chat with Dr. Jane

And would it have been a campfire without some songs? Although, you won’t find many campfires in the US surrounded by young people singing songs in Swahili, Disney is a magical place!

I think the night was so successful and well received because it gave young from around the world a chance to relax and just have some fun. It is safe to say that it was a night that will be remembered by all who where there.

Photos by Michelle Bot