ReBirth the Earth

To is a sad and exciting day in the Roots & Shoots office.

I just deposited a check that put us over our goal of raising $10,000 for to start five tree nurseries in Tanzania. This represents the accumulation of the hard work of several staff, dozens of youth leaders and hundreds of Roots & Shoots members around the world. While we still need to plant about 750 trees to finish the second goal of the campaign (to plant 3,000 trees in the US), it is pretty exciting to see everyone hard work really come to fruition.

However it is also a sad day because it is one of those people, Elan Wang (middle) our Membership and Communicaiton Mangager (and my boss) last day. Elan is off to Warton’s School of Business. How we will survive without her and the wealth of information stored in her head.

Good work Roots & Shoots network and best of luck Elan!


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