Expect Change – PSA #1

This PSA was created by:

I absolutely adored my days at school and was an active and dominant member of the student council for 6 years. I also created a reputation with the staff as being both reliable and thoughtful. I was a valued member of the girls hockey team and a respected cross-country runner. I sold sandwiches at the youth club everyday for six months, where I created a good relationship with younger students. I am involved in Dance and Drama workshops, and with the help of a group of friends I directed and performed in “The Crucible.” When I was 16 I spent three weeks on an expedition in the Scottish Highlands, with Outward Bound, and it was one of the most powerful, emotional, physical and social journeys I have ever experienced. It was there that I did my first conservation work, for which I received the John Muir Explorer Award. Since then I have worked on a local nature reserve before joining Roots & Shoots in October 2007.

I am a 23-year old Tanzanian. I enjoy playing basketball, traveling, drawing, doing graphics, visiting historical and conservational places, climbing mountains and listening to music. I am also a member of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania, Peace Child International and Roots & Shoots. As a member and leader of these clubs I organized different events, projects, field trips, fundraised, and training and workshops for teachers and students. As a Roots & Shoots member I have been awarded a certificate of membership.

I attend Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. I am studying elementary education and sociology. I am the president of WestConn’s Roots & Shoots club and write for the student newspaper. My Roots & Shoots club has been involved in many different projects. We have led trash clean-ups, raised money for wheelchairs and micro loans through an art auction fundraiser. We have advocated for a recycling program at the school and are finally seeing some results. I am a member of the College Leadership Council and have had the chance to work with other student leaders across the country.

Dave’s Comments

I really like it! I think they did a good job crafting a powerful message. I also really like the how the camera keeps zooming in a little bit for each round of messages, I think it creates a good effect that emphasis the important parts of the message. I would have liked to see a website or a concrete action at the end but I still feel inspired to go do something!

Learn more about the Jane Goodall Institute!

Learn more about Roots & Shoots, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute

Learn more about Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit!


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  1. Dave, I think it’s really great you’re posting these on the fellow blog! I’m so excited for people to finally see our hard work!

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