“I am going to change the world” – PSA #2

This PSA was created by:

Tiombe – United States

I attend Lane Tech College Prep High School and am in the 10th grade. I am a now a Cadet in the Girls Scouts, which I have been a part of since I was eight years old. I am on the Spirit Boosters team, which is a team that marches with the Marching Band at my school. They boost Lane Tech students’ spirits at games and pep rallies to support their school as we flip and toss our flags. I sing in the Intermediate Chorus at my school because it’s what I love to do. I have been singing for about seven years. In addition to singing I act in plays at my school. Soon I will be in the production of Bye Bye Birdie. I will be acting and singing in the chorus. I am a ballet and hip-hop dancer and often get a chance to showcase my talents. I have won various awards at my grammar school, from having perfect attendance to being on the honor roll, and have also won first place in a writing contest. I have participated in the Garfield Park Conservatory and Thanksgiving Madness. With the Girl Scouts I help to pass out turkeys to the people of the community. We also gave some cooked turkeys to people. It was so much fun and the best part was when the families that were less fortunate became happy because they had a meal to eat.

Christian – Rwanda

I am a medical student at the National University of Rwanda. I volunteer at the Rwanda Village Concept Project which is an international youth organization. Our aim is to improve the living conditions in underprivileged communities through increased self-reliance and responsibility. Since 2003, I have been involved in different activities regarding gender empowerment, malaria prevention, and HIV/AIDS education. I am now the assistant youth leader for the Medical Students Association of Rwanda. I also am the project support division director where we raise both adult and youth community awareness on prevention against communicable diseases. We also promote equity between women and men through different strategies. I recently attended an international school on Millennium Development Goals in the framework of the “University on Youth and Development” held at the Euro-Latin American Youth Center in Spain.

Sarah – United States

I am a junior pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and English. I am a member of Earth’s E.C.O. and brought Mark Hertsgaard to speak on campus. I initiated the Global Awareness Day Committee and raised enough money to send 11 people to PowerShift 2007. Last year I helped found We Are Responsible and is currently the president of the club. The club writes and publishes newsletters on humanitarian issues and plans smaller events. This year, our topics are Darfur, homelessness, and natural disaster. Last spring I was awarded the Maine Campus Compact Heart and Soul award for my efforts with Earth’s E.C.O. I have had several poems published in literary journals, and am in the process of seeking representation for my young adult fantasy novel.

Weldon – Kenya

I am a Kenyan male and am the first born in a family of seven. I was born and raised in the rural parts of Kericho district in the Rift Valley Province. My sub-tribe is part of the Kalenjin Tribe, which is one of the biggest tribes in Kenya. My community lacks many services including education, heath services, electricity and good roads. However, my parents worked very hard to ensure that I got the basic needs and access to education. My parents paid for my education until university, when I had to start to pay. I eventually had to drop out due to financial strains. I now work for the Walter Reed Project/PEPFAR as a community mobilizer in youth HIV prevention program. I gained a lot of experience, attended workshops and trainings, and eventually was promoted to an Outreach Program Coordinator. Last August I resigned to start my own organization. I am a sportsman; I like to body build, play football, and practice self-defense. I also like to watch thriller movies, comedies, listen to country music, reggae and hip-hop.


This group did a great job by providing some facts and knowledge then providing some things that people can do to promote peace on a daily basis.

Many of the summit participants will remember Christian and Weldon for the passion they showed when talking about their personal experiences during a workshop on peace and conflict resolution.

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