One World Youth Project – PSA #3

This PSA was created by:

Jennifer – Nigeria
I live in Lagos, Nigeria where I am currently studying Mass Communication at The Nigerian Institute of Journalism. I became inspired to build a career around using media for global development and effecting positive social change after my experience on John Pilgrim’s BBC three counties radio show in England where I had the opportunity to talk about volunteering and my writings. I write a youth column called Dis Generation for a national newspaper in Nigeria. My first book entitled “In Days to Come” was published by the Young Poet Society in United Kingdom. Although very passionate about Journalism, I have spent the past three years learning and working on community development issues and volunteering locally and internationally as an active global citizen committed to working for a positive change. I strongly believe in young people; the posterity of every Nation must look beyond their cultural differences and make themselves available for empowerment so that they can make profound contributions to their local environment and world at large. Thus, I maximize every opportunity to learn about global issues first-hand as this helps me make a positive difference. I am currently serving as One World Youth Project’s International Ambassador; I spend time mentoring youths to build their leadership skills needed to achieve United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, while at the same time building intercultural awareness and understanding. I love to work with young people, and I also love to read, write, perform poetry, cook and travel.

Thomas – Australia
I attended Daylesford Secondary from 2002 until my graduation in 2007 in the top 7% of students state-wide, earning the prestigious Trewhella Award for leadership, community work and academic ability. I have recently commenced a Bachelor of Arts (Global) at Monash University majoring in International affairs, Politics and French. I currently serve on the board of the Victorian Government’s Youth Affairs Council which is the peak body and leading advocate for young people’s issues in Victoria. I am also a board member of the Red Cross within Victoria and serve as the Lobbying Team Leader within the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY Campaign. I have previously served as the National Chairman of the Air Force Cadets representing 6,000 teenagers, an advisor to my local council and as the President of the student community representing 500 of my peers. I am currently undertaking an internship with Australia¿s first youth run aid and development agency and volunteer with the International Affairs Institute and UN Association within Victoria. I have presented on youth and global affairs for several organizations and write prominently on contemporary issues to a variety of publications and online journals. I am a recipient of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and was the 2005 Regional Youth of the Year and the Victorian Cadet of the Year in 2006 amongst other awards. I have also traveled extensively and in my spare time enjoy playing the African flute, learning Kiswahili, practicing the Filipino martial art of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, reading, running and mountain biking.

Jessica – United States
I serve as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization called One World Youth Project. One World Youth Project is a global sister-school initiative for middle and high school age youth, linking together schools and youth groups from around the world in learning partnerships for cultural exchange and action on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. This year 48 schools are involved in One World Youth Project from 20 countries and over 12 U.S. States. I am currently an undergraduate student at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C. My involvement in youth activism began over eight years ago when I joined the Jane Goodall Institute’s global environmental and humanitarian program for youth, Roots & Shoots. In 2002, I was one of two U.S. students chosen to travel to South Africa to represent the United States at the Children’s Earth Summit (held in conjunction with the World Summit on Sustainable Development). In April 2005, I also represented the United States and Sustain U.S. at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development in New York City. I was the recipient of the 2004 BRICK Award from Do Something, the Massachusetts Governor’s Points of Light Award, as well as the 2005 Brower Youth Award. I have also been a keynote speaker alongside Dr. Jane Goodall and former President Bill Clinton, as well as a speaker at UN World Environment Day, the U.N. Youth Assembly and the Green Festival.

Ashima – Dehradun
I completed my degree in Commerce from the Dayanand Anglo Vedic College, Dehradun. I also obtained a diploma in Foundation Course for the Education of the Specially Abled from the Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University. During school, I organized and led a number of workshops on women’s empowerment in the remote villages of Jaitanwala and Harrawala. Under the School Council Membership, I spearheaded a sanitation initiative for the village of Nakronda. The students donated an amount that totaled more than a hundred thousand rupees that were used for building ten community toilets in the village. I have visited and interacted with students of the National Institute for the Visually Handicapped, the Bajaja Institute of Learning, and the Sharp Memorial School for the Blind and the Cheshire Home for the Mentally Retarded. During this time, I provided free Rehabilitation Counseling in remote villages. In 2004 I joined the One World Youth Project as a Project Ambassador and have since worked with young people on various issues. I have coordinated street plays on Child Labor and helped to create a Millennium Development Goals awareness campaign. I was also a keynote speaker at the Uttarakhand Council for Science and Technology. My interests range from trekking and traveling, to singing and reading.

Hubert – Rwanda
I am 24 and a fourth year student at National University of Rwanda where I study medicine. I am interested in global health and humanitarian work. I am the One World Youth Project Ambassador, a youth organization working to achieve Millennium Development Goals by schools and youth group partnerships. I am also the coordinator of RwanDanmark project which is the partnership-based initiative between Rwandese and Danish medical students who work to promote women’s health conditions in southern region of Rwanda and to help students in capacity building skills through volunteering, workshops and seminars. I have participated in a nine week e-course on PRSPs (Poverty Reduction Strategic Papers) for young people organized by UNFPA and YAC (Youth Action for Change). I have also attended the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights in Hyderabad, India. I have participated in a leadership training organized by One World Youth Project in Maryland, USA. I have attended the 6th Annual Global Linking and Learning programme on Human Rights in Development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have good computer skills and speak English, French and Swahili. I work with a good team spirit and responsibility sharing; I have intercultural skills by working with international students. I like swimming and traveling.

Alexandra – Kyrgyzstan
I was born in Russia, Murmansk and moved to Kyrgyzstan in 1995. In 2003 I started volunteering for United Nations Volunteer Resource Center in Kyrgyzstan. Later, I spent some time working with United Nations High Commission of Refugees as a translator and an assistant to local staff from Japan. During that period I came up with an idea to distribute information on volunteerism and its use for the society. I created brochures “Who are volunteers” that were distributed around the country. In 2004 I won the Future Leaders Exchange scholarship that gave me an opportunity to attend Rye High School in Colorado. In 2006 I took a position of Future Leaders Exchange Alumni coordinator in American Councils in Kyrgyzstan where I was coordinating 650 young people from all over the country organizing different social and educational projects. I have organized more than 30 short term projects such as “Two month Tech Club for Village Children,” “English and Computer Club” for people with disabilities and the Charity Ball “Fiesta Primavera.” This year I had a big fundraising campaign “Sharing Joy” to support juvenile detention center. After this Charity Campaign I organized a football game between young convicts and boys from local universities. Having excellent skills working with young people in 2006 I was asked to work with young people from Afghanistan on Youth Exchange and Study Program as a Counselor in a summer study camp. In 2007 I was selected to become one out of 25 One World Youth Project Ambassadors. That became my hobby and combines usefulness and enjoyment working with schools and youth groups from all over the world implementing UN Millennium Development Goals. I have been to different foreign countries visiting conferences and representing Kyrgyzstan.


This PSA was made with a very specific purpose. The PSA is all about the One World Youth Project, which is an organization that connects schools from around the world to share culture. Founded by Jessica (from above), the organization is truly a youth led intiative that helps young people realize their ability to change the world by showing them that their are young people around the world who care have have the same dive to fix our world’s problems. Check out their website!

Learn more about the Jane Goodall Institute!

Learn more about Roots & Shoots, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute

Learn more about Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit!


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