Water – PSA #4

This PSA was created by:

Rohit – Canada
I am an 18-year-old graduate of John Fraser Secondary School. I have led the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance since 2005, and I coordinate Volunteering Peel, a nonprofit organization I started in grade 11. I value environmental stewardship and strong communities. I am very involved in my community, having volunteered over 2000 hours of community service in my high school years alone. The focus of my volunteering group is local community events, and I have been actively involved in mobilizing over 500 volunteers to attend these events for the past two years. I am an advocate for environmental issues, and my interests are long-distance running, social justice work, and volunteering. In 2006, I was named Mississauga’s Youngest Volunteer of the Year, and was honored by the Province of Ontario with the Ontario Medal for Young volunteers the following year. Described as a youth leader, I have been actively involved in extracurricular activities from day one in high school. I have been part of my school band as a trombone player, led the environmental club for two years, participated in track and field, been actively involved in the arts and music councils, Model United Nations, and my school paper. I was the national Under 18 Representative for the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition this past year. I look up to outspoken environmentalist David Suzuki, and have even met him on a few occasions. I am going to the University of Toronto at Mississauga for Environmental Management in September.

Regina – United States
I was born in Mexico City in 1990. I have three brothers and no sisters, and believe that because of this I have developed a strong and independent personality. When I was eight years old, my family moved to Mesa, Arizona. I am currently a senior at Red Mountain High School and am ranked ninth in my class out of over 800 people. Throughout my life I have been taught to dream big, work hard, and never settle for less. I started volunteering in ninth grade. I have volunteered with the city of Mesa at a kid’s summer program and go to an elderly home once a month. I am also extremely involved with project C.U.R.E. and New Global Citizens. I have received a Latino Leadership Award, and was chosen to speak at a luncheon as a student representative for New Global Citizens this year. I am also a writer for The New Globalist, a newspaper for the New Global Citizens. I truly believe that youth can change the world and if we join together we can have a stronger impact. As each year passes, I hope that I can grow as a leader and make a difference in the world. “Do not go where the path may lead. Instead go where there is no path and leave a trail”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Maia – Philippines
I study at Canossa College in the Philippines. I have been a member of Friends of the Seven Lakes Foundation (FSLF) Roots & Shoots group since 2003 and am currently the youth president. I was the 2004 Kiwanis Kids President and am the charter director of the San Pablo Leo Club. As a member of the FSLF Youth, I participated in lake clean-up campaigns, tree planting, watershed climbs, mini eco-camps and other environmental activities. The work we do for our local communities through FSLF is something we share with other kids in international conferences. I was one of the delegates to the 2004 Tunza in the USA and to the 2005 Young agenda 21 in Norway. In March 2007, I was the sole delegate to the UNICEF-Biovision Children’s Forum in France and lead delegate in the Canossian Global Youth Congress in Hong Kong in July 2007. I am also very interested in the arts. I have been dancing since preschool and have done ballet performances to raise money for various causes. I am also a member of a choir and enjoy playing lawn tennis.

Calvin – United States
I have been educated at the Albuquerque Academy and at the Outdoor Academy, a small semester school for sophomores that focuses on experiential education and the environment. Both schools provided me with opportunities to do countless hours of community service, like trail maintenance, historic monument restoration, and volunteering on an organic farm. In addition to the Environmental Club, I am also a varsity swimmer, a HOBY leadership alumnus and have a 4.24/4.00 GPA.

Diego – Spain
My name is Diego, I was born in Valladolid but now I’m studying in Salamanca. Since I was a child I became aware of the problems that are threatening our environment. This took me to develop a specific way of life and conditioned my studies. Moreover, I have always felt the need to help other people. These facts have made my life be orientated to pursue goals such as justice, respect and solidarity. During my years as a student I founded tworegional organizatiosn to promote environmental awareness named: ACASAL (Asociacion de Ciencas Ambientales de Salamanca) and FECYLCA (Federacion de Castilla y Leon de Ciencas Ambientales) of which I am now the president. My will to help people became a reality when I was elected by my colleauegs in Universidad de Salamanca to represent the students community. For more than six years I have been the students’ representative and, together with them, we developed different projects with a wide range of objectives. The most important ones were: environmental conference, Regional League for Debate; and Environmental Education Project. Thus when I finished my major in Environmental Sciences I decided to continue studying a PhD in environmental engineering. Nowadays I keep on working for the environment and the social communities through JGI Spain’s R&S program “BioDiverCity” which aims at raising awareness among citizens regarding their rich biodiversity and how to protect it. I will try hard to continue this way of life

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