Don’t Take It Lightly – PSA #5

This PSA was created by:

I was born and raised in San Diego. At age 12 I began studying Ninjitsu and acquired my first paying job as a surf camp counselor/instructor. I still work for Ocean Experience during the summer. As a freshman I joined the junior varsity basketball team and joined the cross country team my sophomore year. Currently I am captain of the cross country and track teams. Aside from working as a Ninjitsu instructor, I work with the San Diego Food Bank and Storefront to serve the community. Storefront is a shelter for abused or abandoned teens. The experience was eye-opening. For nearly seven years, I have been a surfer. I live two blocks from the ocean so I have always considered it my playground. My strong interest in international policy led me to join the Model United Nations team in my freshman year. In the four major conferences I attended, I achieved three outstanding recognitions and one best delegate. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my community and extracurricular activities. They have polished my interest in being well rounded and well balanced.

I am a senior at Little Wound High School. I plan to go to Stanford and become a biologist. I have always found biology to be a very interesting subject. There are so many living creatures, it’s an endless study. I have done many community service projects, mainly dealing with people in my community. I have helped to winterize the homes of the elders living in my community. I also donated coats to less fortunate children in my community. I was not raised in a wealthy home and rarely got what I wanted. However I would always give whatever I could to other people because I knew what it was like to be without. In the spring I plan to do a dam restoration. Currently the dam is polluted and there is graffiti in the area. I am on the cross country team and play basketball. I like to work out and keep healthy. I am also in drama and am the senior class president.

I currently attend Hunter College as an upper sophomore in the City of New York. I intend on pursuing my environmental passions through an environmental studies minor, and intend on majoring in Earth Science Education. I will graduate from Hunter College with a master’s degree in Education to teach Earth Science on a high school level. I have been involved in the Roots & Shoots program since 2004 when I founded a group in my hometown Babylon, Long Island. The Roots & Shoots program has given me many opportunities to participate in community service events, as well as give me an organization to run my own community service events through such as beach clean-ups. I am truly interested in working with others on community-based projects. Upon completing high school in 2006, I received the most prestigious award in my community, the E. Donald Conroy Scholarship Award, showing excellence in community service and academics. I am currently pursuing my interest in the Roots & Shoots program by establishing a New York City Network through the creation of a New York City Office. As the NYC Outreach Coordinator, I feel it is necessary that the people of NYC are aware of the pressing issues involving the environment, people, animals and the global population.

I am a form-six student in the Dar es Salaam region. I joined Roots & Shoots in 2004 and during that time I participated in beach cleanups, environmental day, Roots & Shoots week, animal week, a public talk at the University of Dar es Salaam, and visited orphans. I was also awarded a certificate of membership and am a member of the planning committee for Roots & Shoots. I prefer to read novels, watch movies and talk about children’s and women’s issues. I also like to play sports.

I am a junior at Merlo High School. My community activities include working as an intern at the Oregon Zoo, conducting animal education lectures and assisting three Roots & Shoots groups with their activities. I also rehabilitate injured animals. I make some of these animals ambassadors to the schools, so that we can help teach the children why wild exotic animals should not be pets. I was the keynote speaker at the launch of World Pulse Magazine in 2004 and at the Northwest Earth Institute Conference in 2006. I have received the IDA Youth Guardian Award, Ashley Shamberger Award, President’s Volunteer Service Award and many others. I also enjoy photography, fencing and hiking.

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