Water is Life – PSA #9

This PSA was created by:

I am a student that loves to volunteer. I am currently studying at Dalian Nationalities University, majoring in Environmental Protection Engineering. I have organized a large scale environmental protection public activity for World Environmental Day and took part in the Roots & Shoots Youth Summit-Beijing. I organized a tea ceremony to show the art of tea to the entire community. In this way my group promoted the spread of tea culture and enriched the life of the elderly in the community. I am a recipient of the Roots & Shoots Award Prize.

I am a student at Northside College Preparatory High School in Chicago, Illinois. A few years ago I became more interested in nature, and that led me to investigate possible programs or groups to join. I found Roots & Shoots and started a group at my school. Since then we have set up a Humble Park Cleanup Day where we planted trees, cleaned up the park and spread awareness of keeping the park clean; we’ve had a can drive; participated in a walk-a-thon where we set-up a table and told people about environmental issues; and helped raise money for Rebirth the Earth. I am also an apprentice at the Lincoln Park Zoo and was an intern at the Malott Family Zoo for 6 weeks in the summer. Through these experiences I met Dr. Jane Goodall, went behind the scenes of every building, and learned about many important environmental and conservation issues. These events inspired me to pursue a career in wildlife biology. Recently I became a member of the Roots & Shoots Great Lakes Regional youth Council. My other extra curricular activities include the Red Cross Club, Netaid Global Citizen Corps Leaders, the Northside baseball team, Welles Park baseball, Northside bowling team, Key Club and Global Initiative Club.

I live in Shanghai, China. I am studying statistics in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I became a volunteer for the Shanghai Roots & Shoots office in 2006. Since then, I have been working as the coordinator for Eco-Office program, which was a new initiative of Shanghai Roots & Shoots at the time. My role is to work with the program manager to make plans, recruit schools and companies to participate, organize workshops and create databases to record results to report back to the corporate sponsors. My experience with Roots & Shoots has become an indispensable part of my life. My leadership and managerial skills have improved tremendously in the process. I have become more confident in myself and believe that every individual can make a difference. Through Eco-office/Eco-home/Eco-school program, my team and I raise awareness of global warming and encourage people to adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles. Roots & Shoots has had such an impact on me that I will continue to dedicate my time and energy to the sustainable success of the program. I am also interested in electronics and computer science and am the IT person for Roots & Shoots. I also enjoy watching movies in my spare time.


I am a senior at Little Wound High School and plan to attend college next year. As a Roots & Shoots member I do projects such as: recycling, winterizing elderly homes, and other projects that are currently in progress. I have experience in distributing food and jackets to needy people in my community. One of my extra curricular activities is cross country running. I am an active member of the National Honor Society and have received various awards that contribute towards my education.

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