Woman Abuse – PSA #7

This PSA was created by:

I was born in Mexico and raised in Chicago. I grew up with a family who taught me how to be strong and do the best I can. I am a junior in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am motivated to reach outside what is normally expected and go above and beyond with ideas and activities. I enjoy learning new things and love to travel the world to learn about other cultures and traditions. I am a soccer fan and have played since I was in third grade. I embrace different traditions and incorporate them into my everyday life. I am an artist who looks at art as information and action.

I am a sophomore at Al Raby High School. Earlier this year I participated in a youth summit that involved educating youth on everyday issues such as bullying, teen pregnancy, and much more. This project helped me to grow more as a person and as an African American young lady growing up in a low income neighborhood. Currently, I participate in an academic decathlon and plan to start tutoring in early 2008. I consistently take honors classes and was ranked third in my class of 145. I hope to continue to improve.

I am a 15-year old who will be celebrating her birthday at theSummit. I attend Al Raby High School on the Westside of Chicago, Illinois, and I am a sophomore. Currently, I rank number third out of 149 students. I have particip ated in the Youth Leadership Conference at the Garfield Park Conservatory, and also volunteer at a HIV/AIDS conference. My future goals are to go to the University of Illinois and major in Childhood Education.


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