New Youth Leadership Fellow: Shanay Healy

Hey everyone! My name is Shanay Healy and I will be the Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow for 2008-2009.

I’m from Ashland, Oregon which is in the Southern part of the state, just 14 miles from the California border. I got involved with Roots & Shoots when I went to the 2006 ChimpanZoo Conference in LA and later the Roots & Shoots Day of Peace celebration at Griffith Park. That was the first time I heard Dr. Jane speak and I knew then that I really wanted to get involved and take Roots & Shoots back to my community. I later did the ReBirth the Earth: Trees for Tomorrow Campaign as my Senior Project. Look for me and the rest of my story in the September e-newsletter.

After I graduated from Ashland High School in 2007 then I went to Denia, Spain as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. I lived there for 11 months with a host family and went to high school. I made incredible friends and wonderful memories and grew so much.

I spent my short summer in Oregon and then moved back East to Arlington, VA and started to work at the Jane Goodall Institute’s National Office as the Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow.

Now that I am settled in I want to let you all that I am here for any questions or any ideas you may have. You can email me at anytime.

Keep up the great work!

With hope for the future,

Shanay Healy


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  1. Yahoooooo! Go Shanay!

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