Roots & Shoot Day of Peace 2008

What are you doing for the United Nations International Day of Peace?

Don’t forget to celebrate this Sunday September 21st, 2008.

Each year in support of the United Nations International Day of Peace, Roots & Shoots members and friends come together to promote peace. All over the world young people craft Giant Peace Dove Puppets from reused materials and fly the Doves in their communities. From the high peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro to the low plains of Kansas, Peace Doves fly, held high by hopeful hands.

This year will be my second Peace Day experience, my first was in Los Angeles in Griffith Park in 2006. Peace Day was what inspired me to start a Roots & Shoots club at my high school. This year I will be joining up with Dr. Jane in New York City to attend the United Nations International Day of Peace Observance and Student Conference at the United Nations Headquarters and later the Roots & Shoots Day of Peace Giant Peace Dove Puppet Ceremony and Parade at St. Catherine’s Park. I look forward to meeting many of the New England Youth Leadership Council members and going to NYC for the first time ever!

Check out the website to find an event near you or to get information on how to create your own event!

After Peace Day don’t forget to tell us about your brilliant ideas by submitting a project report!


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