Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Hi my name is Katia Rossi and I am the new Roots & Shoots Graduate Fellow.

I have just moved to Connecticut from Pullman, Washington. I began my involvement in community service starting my junior year of high school. Four years later, during my sophomore year at WSU, I was finally able to establish a Roots & Shoots group. I enjoyed leading this group because I have a natural ability to recognize important issues and enjoy seeking out tangible solutions through service projects. I include everyone when organizing an activity and love developing partnerships in my community. Now that I have graduated I am really excited to move into a career that allows me to travel and network with other university groups and share my R&S experiences.

My values are strong in all three areas of concern. At WSU I organized film screenings of An Inconvenient Truth as part of the week long Campus Climate Challenge Campaign, which sparked a lot of discussion about global warming. Other projects included volunteering at our local senior center, walking dogs from the humane society, and partnering other organizations for stream cleanup events. The most inspiring experience came when we met the young members of the Lena Whitmore Elementary Roots & Shoots group for the first time. We took them out to learn about horses at a local sanctuary called Orphan Acres. They were full of energy and so amazing to work with. I was inspired by their enthusiasm to learn about the world around them and find ways to make a difference.

If you have any inspirational stories or need support for event ideas, please don’t hesitate to email me.



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