Finding comfort in a new place

Moving to a new place can be a little frightening. Everything is so new and deep down you crave something that feels familiar. Even the simplest thing, such as shopping for food at the grocery store, can pose a challenge. I was recently searching for dairy products and was so confused when I didn’t find Lucerne and Tillamook, two widely distributed products in Washington State that I assumed was sold everywhere. I was forced to grab the store brand cheese, which somehow made me worry about the quality compared to that which I was used to.

It is not just food, but other things I had grown to love. In Pullman I had a routine that was perfect; I knew all my favorite places to shop and looked forward to riding my bike to the farmer’s market each Saturday. I was happy with the local non-profits and level of concern over important issues such as the environment and the welfare of animals. I thought that once I moved everything would change and I wouldn’t find the same things I had grown to love; amazingly I found the opposite. Over the course of the week I was able to talk to others about their favorite places to shop and then started searching the internet. I was overjoyed to find a website that listed locally grown food that was available at many farmer’s markets in the area. There is also an organic food store nearby called Trader Joe’s.

With regards to the environment and local non-profits, I have become very impressed at how green the area is and now frequently visit a local park to go hiking with my coworker. I also found a local humane society that is very active in the community and hosting a Walk for the Animals event at the end of the month. I have finally begun to feel a sense of community and connection to this new place I now call home. It is comforting to know that even on the other side of the country there are people who share similar passions and places that allow you to enjoy the things you love about life; all you have to do is get out there and find them.


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