Eco-friendly items have come a long way. “Fashionistas” may have scoffed at the idea of hemp clothing, envisioning it to be something close to a scratchy burlap sack, but now Eco-friendly clothing widely accepted. Green is the new black.

From hemp and organic cotton to soy and bamboo to safe-silk, products are changing as we know it. Many new companies are working toward having minimal to no negative environmental impact and protecting labor rights along the way. Yoga clothing is not the only Eco-friendly product available, you can purchase anything from bedspreads and towels to fabulous jackets and dresses.

With winter rapidly approaching staying warm and dry is becoming more and more important. If you ski, snowboard or just sled and frolic in the snow you know that staying dry is the key to enjoying your day outside. Cotton doesn’t dry quickly and when it gets wet it stops keeping you warm. Try something like Patagonia’s polyesters and fleeces made from recycled soda bottles, or something made from lyocell or TENCEL® which are fabrics made from plant cellulose, usually wood pulp. It is said that lyocell and TENCEL® can move like linen, keep you warm like wool, but be as soft as silk. With all the options out there, you can find many ways to keep yourself happy in the snow this season.

To find out more about Eco-friendly fabrics and what to look for next time you go shopping check out this Eco-friendly Fabric Guide.