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I have been using for a year now and wanted to share the link with everyone. JGI is a designated cause, so just type the full name in the field “Who do you search for?” and select verify. Once  you past that step you can search just as you would using google or choose to shop online. In 2006 we only raised $53.60, but this year it is up to $229.34. I typically search info online 10-15 times a day, so I could possibly raise about $50 a year all on my own. It doesn’t seem like a lot but if we continue to share this website with Roots & Shoots groups, especially during this holiday season, it is sure to add up  : )


Ditch the stress and walk.

I was returning to work after lunch today and realized just how much I like walking instead of using my car. It is much more relaxing then sitting at red lights and having to deal with other drivers. Unfortunately most people’s routines fall into our on-the-go lifestyle that our society has created and I think it weighs very heavily on work related stress and our health. As I walk home it gives me time to relax and think about other aspects of my life outside of work. The exercise is an added bonus, plus the fresh air. 

Selfishly I also wish more people had the ability to walk because then I would be breathing in less exhaust from cars passing by. Maybe I would even meet a few new faces and exchange in some light friendly conversation. If people walked between work and home, maybe it would allow more time to connect with the natural world and develop a few more environmental advocates. I challenge you to examine your day and add up all of the hours you spend inside a building or car; you may be surprised by how little of your day is spent in nature. It this is not the case, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Another negative aspect of our lifestyle choices is the amount of garbage we create by always eating out and not spending time cooking at home. Both of my roommates work during the day and feel that fast food is their only option with the little time they have at lunch. They jump in their cars and speed to the nearest drive thru. Over time I see so many problems developing. It is not healthy for you or the environment.

By walking and preparing healthy meals at home you can greatly improve your daily life, help the environment, and curb stressful habits that affect so many people in our country.

Another movie that might set back efforts to end puppy mills

Many of you have probably seen the trailer to the new movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I admit it looks cute, but does anyone recall what happened after the movie 101 Dalmatians? People went crazy and all of a sudden there was a huge push for Dalmatian puppies. Sadly many people don’t realize that there are consequences to purchasing a puppy just because Hollywood creates a spotlight on the purebred pups.

Does anyone think of the mothers and whether or not they have healthy happy homes? Unfortunately the truth has been uncovered by many organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA. They have tracked shipment paperwork all the way back to puppy mill operations, where the dogs are money makers, not loving pets. These dogs are kept in horrible conditions and often caged like rabbits. They are barking and running circles in their cages due to boredom and lack of social interaction. The owner’s main goal is to breed each dog every heat cycle year after year in order to make money by selling the puppies to pet stores. To read the facts please visit:

The pet overpopulation crisis is something else to consider. Countless mix breed dogs living in shelters across the nation are much less likely to find homes and their lives are cut much too short only to make room for dozens more. Please educate others about this problem and do not fund commercial breeders by purchasing puppies from pet stores. Consider adopting your next pet from your local humane society and make sure they are spayed or neutered.

Water is Life – PSA #9

This PSA was created by:

I am a student that loves to volunteer. I am currently studying at Dalian Nationalities University, majoring in Environmental Protection Engineering. I have organized a large scale environmental protection public activity for World Environmental Day and took part in the Roots & Shoots Youth Summit-Beijing. I organized a tea ceremony to show the art of tea to the entire community. In this way my group promoted the spread of tea culture and enriched the life of the elderly in the community. I am a recipient of the Roots & Shoots Award Prize.

I am a student at Northside College Preparatory High School in Chicago, Illinois. A few years ago I became more interested in nature, and that led me to investigate possible programs or groups to join. I found Roots & Shoots and started a group at my school. Since then we have set up a Humble Park Cleanup Day where we planted trees, cleaned up the park and spread awareness of keeping the park clean; we’ve had a can drive; participated in a walk-a-thon where we set-up a table and told people about environmental issues; and helped raise money for Rebirth the Earth. I am also an apprentice at the Lincoln Park Zoo and was an intern at the Malott Family Zoo for 6 weeks in the summer. Through these experiences I met Dr. Jane Goodall, went behind the scenes of every building, and learned about many important environmental and conservation issues. These events inspired me to pursue a career in wildlife biology. Recently I became a member of the Roots & Shoots Great Lakes Regional youth Council. My other extra curricular activities include the Red Cross Club, Netaid Global Citizen Corps Leaders, the Northside baseball team, Welles Park baseball, Northside bowling team, Key Club and Global Initiative Club.

I live in Shanghai, China. I am studying statistics in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I became a volunteer for the Shanghai Roots & Shoots office in 2006. Since then, I have been working as the coordinator for Eco-Office program, which was a new initiative of Shanghai Roots & Shoots at the time. My role is to work with the program manager to make plans, recruit schools and companies to participate, organize workshops and create databases to record results to report back to the corporate sponsors. My experience with Roots & Shoots has become an indispensable part of my life. My leadership and managerial skills have improved tremendously in the process. I have become more confident in myself and believe that every individual can make a difference. Through Eco-office/Eco-home/Eco-school program, my team and I raise awareness of global warming and encourage people to adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles. Roots & Shoots has had such an impact on me that I will continue to dedicate my time and energy to the sustainable success of the program. I am also interested in electronics and computer science and am the IT person for Roots & Shoots. I also enjoy watching movies in my spare time.


I am a senior at Little Wound High School and plan to attend college next year. As a Roots & Shoots member I do projects such as: recycling, winterizing elderly homes, and other projects that are currently in progress. I have experience in distributing food and jackets to needy people in my community. One of my extra curricular activities is cross country running. I am an active member of the National Honor Society and have received various awards that contribute towards my education.

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Peace – PSA #8

This PSA was created by:

I am a master’s student at Iowa State University majoring in Anthropology guided by Prof. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, Prof. Jill D. Pruetz and Prof. Lisa Fontaine for a master’s in Chimpanzee Representational Symbology. I received my bachelor’s in Social History and Arts at Tel-Hai Academic College, Northern Galilee, Israel. In addition, I am involved in a number of humanitarian and environmental projects, including promoting peace in the Middle East by helping raise awareness to those in need of humanitarian aid in the Syrian Ragar Village, as well as promoting non-human hominid rights for the purpose of lifetime hostel sanctuaries for Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans in captivity. Since the year 2000 I have led Roots & Shoots lectures and educational programs in dozens of clubs, schools, and universities. I helped save the endangered species of the Syrian Cat-Eyed Spade Footed Frog by convincing the municipality of Herzliya to protect an Israeli wetland called “Bassa.” I am the coordinator of The Jane Goodall Institute’s R&S Israel, and a board member of Negiot an Israeli Autistic and Communuicationally Disabled Children’s Association. My articles include ” King of The Wetland ” and “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’ in Ma’ariv National Newspaper Weekend Edition. In 2005 I received the Dr. James Gillihan Award for a Life of Peacemaking presented at the Teachers of Experiential and Adventure Methodologies (TEAM) Conference, from the North Eastern Illinois University. I was recently invited to present my research at the 2007 JGI Chimpanzoo Conference at Wichita, Kansas.

I am a 23-year old Tanzanian and a very active member of Roots & Shoots. I am currently traveling around the United States to raise awareness about the Roots & Shoots program and Roots & Shoots projects in Tanzania. Roots & Shoots is in my blood and in my heart. My projects range from keeping baboons out of fields to teaching villagers about more efficient adobe ovens.

I am currently a senior at Nauset Regional High School. My school based activities consist of student government, world music ensemble (where I play the guitar), varsity tennis, debate club, Invisible Children, and Model United Nations. I have also participated in French exchange and have helped with German exchange events. Outside of school I am very involved with volunteer work, because I am passionate about helping the environment, my community and solving world conflict. I am also involved with Habitat for Humanity, Roots & Shoots, and Cape Cod Youth Council on Sustainability. I am passionate about learning about the world, especially through my studies in international relations. My dream is to work for UNICEF or be an American ambassador for Germany. I have won a variety of awards including: the German Award, Tennis Award, Smith College Book Award and Adam’s Scholarship.

I am from Jordan and am now a second-year student in the NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) University in Jordan, studying business MIS. I lived in Nablus-Palestine until 2003, but my parents sent me to Amman to continue studying in school, because in the West Bank we don’t go to school everyday. For the past two years, I have helped out with children’s games at my school’s Food Fair day. I also helped organize a talent show as part of my group’s efforts to fundraise for the tsunami victims. One of the most amazing things I have done is to work with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. This society helps injured people by sending food and milk to families when they can’t leave their homes. In my university last year, my friends and I gathered clothes from students to give to those without enough.

I am an 18-year old Palestinian student. I am studying business at Al Najah University where I am a freshman. I have worked with several organizations, including PYALARA. PYALARA conducts workshops to discuss issues related to my community and we have announced our accomplishments to the community through national television stations. I have conducted a workshop about gender discrimination. I also participated in the Cultural Children’s Club in Nablus where we conducted activities for teenagers and children. I was one of the representatives from my country chosen to participate in a program called Hands of Peace, for which I was chosen to be an Extraordinary Leader.

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Woman Abuse – PSA #7

This PSA was created by:

I was born in Mexico and raised in Chicago. I grew up with a family who taught me how to be strong and do the best I can. I am a junior in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am motivated to reach outside what is normally expected and go above and beyond with ideas and activities. I enjoy learning new things and love to travel the world to learn about other cultures and traditions. I am a soccer fan and have played since I was in third grade. I embrace different traditions and incorporate them into my everyday life. I am an artist who looks at art as information and action.

I am a sophomore at Al Raby High School. Earlier this year I participated in a youth summit that involved educating youth on everyday issues such as bullying, teen pregnancy, and much more. This project helped me to grow more as a person and as an African American young lady growing up in a low income neighborhood. Currently, I participate in an academic decathlon and plan to start tutoring in early 2008. I consistently take honors classes and was ranked third in my class of 145. I hope to continue to improve.

I am a 15-year old who will be celebrating her birthday at theSummit. I attend Al Raby High School on the Westside of Chicago, Illinois, and I am a sophomore. Currently, I rank number third out of 149 students. I have particip ated in the Youth Leadership Conference at the Garfield Park Conservatory, and also volunteer at a HIV/AIDS conference. My future goals are to go to the University of Illinois and major in Childhood Education.

Wildife Conservation – PSA #6

The makers of this PSA have since gone on to form the Global Youth Council for Wildlife Conservation. A group of young people dedicated and passionate about conserving the wildlife of our planet. Check out their website,

This PSA was created by:

I was born in the small town of Denton, Texas. In Texas I attended Woodrow Wilson elementary school where I played football, soccer and baseball. When I was 11 years old my family moved to Eureka, California where my father achieved a job as a professor at Humboldt State University. I am now a sophomore at North Coast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy where I am part of the Youth Actors Guild. I recently performed in productions of “King Henry the IV and V,” “Cyrano de Bergerac” and with the San Francisco Operas production of “The Barber of Seville” (I had a non-singing part in the opera). I have also been volunteering at the Sequoia Park Zoo for the past six years, doing over 700 hours of work. When I turned 16 in 2007, the zoo gave me a job as a zookeeper, which I greatly enjoy. I also helped to start the Sequoia Park Zoo chapter of Roots and Shoots, for which I am currently treasurer. I was a member of my school’s cross country team until I was injured in 2006. I also recently obtained my drivers license as well as my life guard certification. I have also had the privilege of going on international trips with my parents, the majority of which have been to Europe and Central America.

I am a graduate student at Sichuan University majoring in evolution with a focus on amphibians and reptiles. I have been involved in a student organization called Sichuan University Environmental Volunteer Association (SCUEVA) since 2002. This involvement has played an important role in my university life because it has provided me with many opportunities to participate in different kinds of projects: battery recycling on campus and surrounding communities; environmental education on campus, parks and elementary schools; holding a discussion forum on environmental topics; fundraising and managing books in our reading room. I was president of the association from August 2006 to June 2007 and received one of the Top 10 Leaders Awards in my university. As SCUEVA has wide connections with other NGOs and student clubs, I have found an avenue to learn more about conservation jobs. I have been a volunteer in WWF and helped to finish the GIS maps of some giant panda nature reserves. At present, I could say I am the most experienced Roots & Shoots volunteer for the South West Office. I love wildlife! I always had a hard time tearing myself away from the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Recently, I have purchased a digital camera and now taking photographs has become a new hobby for me.

I have just finished my first year of veterinary science at Sydney University. I enjoy a wonderful life living with my parents and as a member of WIRES wildlife rescue. I spend my free time surfing and rock climbing. After finishing high school at SHORE School in North Sydney, I traveled alone to Europe for five months and then to the Democratic Republic of Congo where I worked in a chimpanzee half-way house. This was an experience that changed my life. I am currently writing a short chapter to be included in the book “Heart to Heart,” which will look at the relationship between chimps and humans.

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