Happy Earth Day!



I received an email from one of our readers who shared this link with me after noticing the Farm Sanctuary handouts offered at my display table. Very neat. Thanks for sharing Angela!


U.N. International Day of Peace event pictures

These are pictures taken on September 19th, 2008 at the U.N. International Day of Peace event. First there was an opening ceremony and the ringing of the peace bell. Afterwards we all made our way to the Student Observance portion of the event where we got to hear from four Messengers of Peace (Michael Douglas, Dr. Elie Wiesel, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Ms. Midori Goto) and four youth presenters. The most inspiring moment for me was being able to see live videoconference presentations by students in Afghanistan, Liberia, and Sudan. Another highlight was our own Emily Woodall, who was one of the four youth presenters chosen to address the entire crowd on behalf of Roots & Shoots. The event closed with the ringing of the peace bell and the flag ceremony. In my opinion, this entire event should have been headline news across the nation; it was truly amazing to witness the passion that young people shared toward working together to create peace.

Peace Day 2008!

Hey everyone, Roots & Shoots Day of Peace was a great success all around the world! Congratulations! Here are some highights from the weekend.

Katia and I at the United Nations in 15 naughts of wind!

Katia and I with the Peace Bell made out of old weapons, “May peace prevail on earth!”

The United Nations New York City

Myself with Peace Dove and Dr. Jane in the background at St. Catherine’s Park

National Office Ladies: Claire, Katherine and I

Mi amigo, Christian and I

Don’t forget to share your Roots & Shoots Day of Peace experience with us! Submit a Project Report and send your photos, with completed release forms, to peacedoves@janegoodall.org!

Peace Day media moments

There will be countless news articles making their way around the internet this week due to the amazing events put on at the United Nations and by Roots & Shoots groups nation wide. I encourage you to spend ten minutes online and search around.  This is also a great chance to check out www.goodsearch.com, which allows you to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute. To get you started, here are two that I enjoyed reading:

Giving peace a chance



Gwen Stefani Rocks EcoStiletto Kids Launch Party



If you have any pictures or have written an article about your event, please visit http://www.rootsandshoots.org/campaigns/dove.


Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Hi my name is Katia Rossi and I am the new Roots & Shoots Graduate Fellow.

I have just moved to Connecticut from Pullman, Washington. I began my involvement in community service starting my junior year of high school. Four years later, during my sophomore year at WSU, I was finally able to establish a Roots & Shoots group. I enjoyed leading this group because I have a natural ability to recognize important issues and enjoy seeking out tangible solutions through service projects. I include everyone when organizing an activity and love developing partnerships in my community. Now that I have graduated I am really excited to move into a career that allows me to travel and network with other university groups and share my R&S experiences.

My values are strong in all three areas of concern. At WSU I organized film screenings of An Inconvenient Truth as part of the week long Campus Climate Challenge Campaign, which sparked a lot of discussion about global warming. Other projects included volunteering at our local senior center, walking dogs from the humane society, and partnering other organizations for stream cleanup events. The most inspiring experience came when we met the young members of the Lena Whitmore Elementary Roots & Shoots group for the first time. We took them out to learn about horses at a local sanctuary called Orphan Acres. They were full of energy and so amazing to work with. I was inspired by their enthusiasm to learn about the world around them and find ways to make a difference.

If you have any inspirational stories or need support for event ideas, please don’t hesitate to email me.


New Youth Leadership Fellow: Shanay Healy

Hey everyone! My name is Shanay Healy and I will be the Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow for 2008-2009.

I’m from Ashland, Oregon which is in the Southern part of the state, just 14 miles from the California border. I got involved with Roots & Shoots when I went to the 2006 ChimpanZoo Conference in LA and later the Roots & Shoots Day of Peace celebration at Griffith Park. That was the first time I heard Dr. Jane speak and I knew then that I really wanted to get involved and take Roots & Shoots back to my community. I later did the ReBirth the Earth: Trees for Tomorrow Campaign as my Senior Project. Look for me and the rest of my story in the September e-newsletter.

After I graduated from Ashland High School in 2007 then I went to Denia, Spain as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. I lived there for 11 months with a host family and went to high school. I made incredible friends and wonderful memories and grew so much.

I spent my short summer in Oregon and then moved back East to Arlington, VA and started to work at the Jane Goodall Institute’s National Office as the Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow.

Now that I am settled in I want to let you all that I am here for any questions or any ideas you may have. You can email me at shealy@janegoodall.org anytime.

Keep up the great work!

With hope for the future,

Shanay Healy

ReBirth the Earth

To is a sad and exciting day in the Roots & Shoots office.

I just deposited a check that put us over our goal of raising $10,000 for to start five tree nurseries in Tanzania. This represents the accumulation of the hard work of several staff, dozens of youth leaders and hundreds of Roots & Shoots members around the world. While we still need to plant about 750 trees to finish the second goal of the campaign (to plant 3,000 trees in the US), it is pretty exciting to see everyone hard work really come to fruition.

However it is also a sad day because it is one of those people, Elan Wang (middle) our Membership and Communicaiton Mangager (and my boss) last day. Elan is off to Warton’s School of Business. How we will survive without her and the wealth of information stored in her head.

Good work Roots & Shoots network and best of luck Elan!