Questions from Lana

Lana ask the following two questions and I think that there might be a number of people out there with the same quesitons.

1. What is the age range of the summit?

The age range for this year’s Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit was 16-24 for US participants and 18-24 for non-US participants.

2. How can I come to the summit next year?

Good question. This was the first year we have ever held a Global Youth Summit so the participants were hand selected by the staff of the Jane Goodall Insitute as well as a few of our partner organizations. So, there are several ways that you can help ensure that you are considered next year.

The first is to be an active leader in your community. In my expirence, the more you do, the more you act and the more that you are involved, the more oppertunities you will get.

Second, join or start a Roots & Shoots group! Although the goal of Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit is to bring together the best and the brightest young people from around the world no matter what organization they work with, one organization that will always be represented is the one closest to Dr. Jane’s heart, Roots & Shoots.

Finally, if you are already a part of a Roots & Shoots group, consider applying to one of our Youth Leadership Councils. Being on a Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Council means that you are already doing great work in your own community but you are looking to make a difference on a larger scale. Not only will becoming a Roots & Shoots Youth Leaders improve your chances to attend Jane Goodall’s Global Youth Summit you will also have a number of other oppertunities such as attending our annual Youth Leadership Retreat in February or our semi-annual Youth Leadership Immersion Expirerence to Tanzania.

Also, be sure to check the summit website in the next six months ways to get involved!

Good questions Lana!